Executive Engineer

Williams Innovation provides a dedicated Executive Engineer for every Managed Partner. Our Executive Engineers are highly knowledgeable engineers who fulfills the function of a traditional CIO for your company – without department overhead. Your Executive Engineer will advise you as to the performance and efficiency of your business’ IT infrastructure, formulate strategic IT goals, analyze and make recommendations for best business practices, and facilitate necessary technology changes.


Your Executive Engineer is an expert in IT infrastructure management and support – but they also provide advanced services that will improve the future performance of your current technology. For example, your Executive Engineer will create a technology road map to identify innovative opportunities in technology to help you run your business more efficiently and with greater productivity while meeting your business objectives.

Your Executive Engineer Will Provide:

Put together a plan of action so that technology works for you. Budgeting and strategizing plans with quarterly meetings. 

Take your business to the next level with IT projects. Your Executive Engineer will plan and manage projects designed specifically to grow your business needs. 

Your Executive Engineer is always looking to the future. They will bring new and innovated ideas to help you grow your business and align IT with business objectives. 

Utilizing asset, patch management, backup, and AV reports, your Executive Engineer will have direct insight into your business and will keep you informed of any issues to be aware of. 

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