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Executive Engineer

Williams Innovation provides a dedicated Executive Engineer for every Managed Partner. Our Executive Engineers are highly knowledgeable engineers who fulfills the function of a traditional CIO for your company – without department overhead. Your Executive Engineer will advise you as to the performance and efficiency of your business’ IT infrastructure, formulate strategic IT goals, analyze and make recommendations for best business practices, and facilitate necessary technology changes.

Your Executive Engineer is an expert in IT infrastructure management and support – but they also provide advanced services that will improve the future performance of your current technology. For example, your Executive Engineer will create a technology roadmap to identify innovative opportunities in technology to help you run your business more efficiently and with greater productivity while meeting your business objectives.

Your Executive Engineer will provide:

IT budgeting advice and a three-year technology budget.

IT project planning and management specifically designed for your business needs.

The foresight to align IT infrastructure with your business objectives.

An insider’s take on current technology trends that could affect your business.

Your Executive Engineer is responsible for reviewing your client’s quarterly audits to certify alignment with Williams Innovation best practices.


Williams Innovation best practices draw upon industry standards as well as our experience in IT management services.


During the quarterly audit process, your Executive Engineer will collaborate with you regarding the information compiled during the audit. Your Executive Engineer will evaluate the results and determine your IT infrastructure’s probability of downtime, vulnerabilities to a security breach, and overall security standing.