The educational system faces increasing demands from students, teachers and parents to provide personalized and differentiated learning environments, based on the needs and preferences of the students. But as these demands come in, schools continue to face budget constraints or cuts, making it a seemingly unsolvable issue.

Cloud computing is making a significant impact on education today, improving how students learn, teachers teach, and educational institutions operate. Each school, college or university has its own specific needs and preferences when it comes to technology, and fortunately, the cloud can address these with a wide range of solutions and resources available


Collaboration is an important aspect of the classroom environment, as students need to be able to communicate with their teachers and peers. Teachers need to have the ability to communicate with their students about assignments and grades in and out of the classroom. Having constant access to lesson plans, grades, notes, and more is another important aspect of collaboration in the education field.

Tight Budget

Many education institutions are used to working with a tight budget. On-site network infrastructures are extremely costly, and require a dedicated IT department to handle frequent maintenance and trouble shooting. Other cost-incurring technology includes classroom computers and copy and fax machines. These expenses can quickly add up, leaving little room in the budget to put towards improving other important resources for students and faculty.


Schools are required to collect sensitive data from students, including transcripts, tuition payments and personal information. An educational institution's database will be tasked with managing hundreds or thousands of student and faculty profiles. If a school’s network is hacked or affected by a disaster, this private information can be stolen or lost.


The industry requires educational professionals to file and retrieve thousands of documents related to individual students and operations. Paper filing systems are becoming outdated, and many administrations do not have an adequate capacity for the amount of document storage they need. Constantly having to manage and dig up files can cost a school a great deal of wasted time and effort.

The cloud eliminates the need to purchase expensive on-site computers, allowing students and faculty to bring their own devices to the classroom instead. Students can access their homework and textbooks in class, on the bus, or at home whenever they want. Teachers can work on lesson plans and grading from home on their personal laptop or tablet. The cloud makes it easier to connect and collaborate with your peers.

The cloud drastically reduces fixed costs by taking away the need for expensive infrastructure and on-site technology. You will be able to cut costs further by virtualizing textbooks and teaching materials and making them accessible all in one place in the cloud. Your new virtual desktop will handle software updates automatically, saving your IT staff the expensive and time-consuming task of purchasing and installing new updates.

The classroom will be completely transformed with the introduction of a virtual learning environment. Students will be able to access learning materials on their personal devices and engage in lesson plans in real time with the cloud. Interactive applications can allow for more social classroom lessons, where teachers and students can collaborate on group projects and students can turn in online assignments with ease.

CloudEducation makes it easy to manage all IT resources and applications in one place. Your IT department will be able to access and regulate applications, allow permissions, control content, and more in the cloud. You will also experience better security and data backup, reducing the risk of sensitive data loss. The cloud lets you simplify administrative operations while keeping costs lower than ever.

CloudApps Integration

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