One of the biggest questions we get from our clients “What is SD-WAN and why are you pushing it so hard?” They want to know why they should move away from their current WAN solution.


SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) is the newest technology in WAN connectivity. The technology allows us to drastically lower costs, increase network security, and bring geographically-dispersed teams together.


With SD-WAN we can “bond” many types of connections together (DIA, Cable/DSL, MPLS, LTE), allowing us to have greater failover capabilities at a lower cost. For instance, we can take a 50×50 DIA fiber circuit with SLA’s and bond it with a 10×10 Fixed Wireless provider giving failover and higher speeds at a fraction of the cost of a 10×10 MPLS circuit.


SD-WAN makes it easy to grow. Increasing the speed of a DIA circuit is usually just an administrative upgrade and is usually inexpensive (couple hundred bucks). Increasing the speed of a MPLS circuit is also usually just an administrative upgrade, but the cost difference between a 10MB MPLS and a 20MB MPLS is drastic (five hundred to a thousand bucks).


Not only is SD-WAN less expensive but it also has built in security.


In our modern connected world, hacks are constant, and the last thing you want is for your employees’ or customers’ sensitive information to be leaked. SD-WAN has traffic encryption, network segmentation, and increased visibility from branch to HQ and back.


Whether across the street or across the globe, SD-WAN connects your offices together. The meshed topology can make sure every branch office can communicate with each other, HQ, and any Cloud infrastructure you may have.


A switch to SD-WAN can increase your network’s effectiveness, performance, and security while cutting operational and capital costs.


Want to learn more about what SD-WAN can do for your business? Contact us today to see how we can expand your business connectivity while saving you money.

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