Google Home For Business? You Bet!

The Google Virtual Assistant can be a huge asset for your small business. From controlling the tech in your office to telling you a joke, the possibilities are endless.


Here are a few tips to get you started!


  • Google Intercom
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Broadcast A Message. Google Will Broadcast To All Devices On The Same Account. You Can Even Use Your Phone From Out Of The Office To Send Reminders Or Alerts To Your Staff.


  • Google Control
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Turn On The Lights. Google Can Now Control More Than 1500 Smart Devices From More Than 100 Brands Such As LG, Whirlpool, GE, and Nest. Ask Google To Turn On Lights, Change The Temp, Or Set The Alarm.


  • Google Calls
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Call Williams Innovation. Google Can Handle Hands-Free Calling To Anyone In Your Google Contacts. Since Google Can Recognize Voices, Each Member Of Your Team Can Have Their Own Contact List.


  • Google Assistant
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Create A Reminder. Google Assistant Is Probably The Most Powerful Feature Of The Google Home. You Can Have Google Create Reminders, Schedule Meetings and Events, And Send Notifications To Participants.


  • Google Math
    • Just Say “Hey Google” What Is 16% Of $7.95. Google Can Easily Make Accurate Calculations, Without Distracting You From The Task At Hand. Google Can Handle Everything From Basic Math To Complicated Solutions.


  • Google Routines
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Good Morning. You Can Configure Google To Give You Specific Information Based On A Routine. Your Morning Routine Could Have The Weather, Your Commute, And The News. You Can Set Routines For Multiple Scenarios.


  • Google Directory
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Find Me IT Services. Google Can Search For Relevant Results In Your Area. Google Ensures That All Of Its Local-Business Recommendations Have Been Pre-Screened.


  • Google Fun
    • Just Say “Hey Google” Play My Favorite Music. Google Can Be Used For Fun As Well. Have It Play Music, Tell A Joke, Sing Happy Birthday, Play A Game, And So Much More. There Are Endless Possibilities When it Comes To Using Google AI And More Features Are Added Daily.


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