Bridging The Gap Between Business And Technology!

Bridging the gap between business and technology is the ultimate goal for any organization. Companies are racing to be product leaders and bring new, innovative products & services to market quicker. In order to win the race, business and technology need to be aligned to deliver business strategy and modern tools that allow users to collaborate better than ever before.


Innovation is widely recognized as the key to bridging the gap between business and technology.


IT Departments need to take a new approach to ensure that they maintain the control of technology and security while addressing the needs of The business. As the next generation of employees enter the workforce and assume more senior positions, they expect the technology they use at work to be as simple to use as the technology they use at home. It is crucial to reduce complexity and ensure governance to enable The business to make IT decisions without the potential for adverse effects!


There are a few steps that can help to bridge the gap between IT Professionals, business strategy, and business users’ needs.



  1. Redefine Boundaries
    1. Cloud computing, mobile, and remote working are changing the way we manage IT. The rise in social communication has increased the amount of information and interaction that takes place outside of the corporate network. Allowing users to have the flexibility to work from “wherever” can increase morale and productivity, however, this has to be done in a secure manner to ensure all data is protected.
  2. Work With The Business
    1. IT professionals should arrange regular meetings with relevant business teams and share as much as possible regarding key challenges and updates on IT deployments.
  3. Cloud
    1. Use the power of cloud computing to design new services and test out innovated ideas while posing a very low risk to production. IT professionals should embrace the cloud as a catalyst for change and use it to their advantage so that IT is not just a cost center, but that the IT teams can innovate and help achieve business objectives.
      1. You can get free instances of both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS for testing out cloud computing.
  4. Personalize Services
    1. IT should personalize their services based on user roles and identities. This not only gives users a tailored personal experience but also helps to streamline processes and keep confidential data secure.


It’s crucial that IT departments start thinking about how to manage the changing ways of working that are increasingly present in many organizations. Rather than seeing these changes as a threat, by following the simple steps outlined above, IT can develop a strategy that supports the aims of the business and really does bridge the gap between business and IT.


How are you bridging the gap between business and technology?


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